canned meat

by lauren ashley

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released November 30, 2015



all rights reserved


lauren ashley Lake Forest, California

more tunes comin' soon!

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Track Name: imaginary friend
I got luck 'cause I've got a friend
he's my bud, I'll love him til the end
he's cool, he's a real good guy

his name is joe and he's got this box
he's got this box with a big padlock
he's cool, he's a real sly guy

he plays with guns and with his fate
it's 11 at night and gettin' pretty late
he's cool
and i'm writing a song about him
my imaginary friend
Track Name: ne pleure pas !
ouais ça va bien
as tu entendu?
il est mort
il etait tous donc tres soudain
ne pleure pas (x3)
Track Name: song about you
it's 4:15 and i'm writing a song about you
but it's taking too long and i can't remember you're name
in the morning when i wake up you'll be here and i'll be there...

sometimes i like being alone and sometimes i don't
but when i'm with you i like it the most
when i'm all alone in a dark room i'll be calling out your name...
Track Name: some ghosts are friendly
walkin' through the graveyard, it's so dark
I can barely see
I jumped to the left and see a big figure
right inside the tree
it's a ghost! So spooky, I cannot lie
it's kinda scary
but the ghost said hi and waved at me
it was quite friendly

I said I was shocked cause all stories when I was a little kid
he's said don't stereotype that's a bad habit
he said all ghost are different, just cause we're dead
doesn't mean we don't have feeling inside our head
so I shook his hand but I didn't feel anything
Track Name: tom and barb
back in '58 i'm sure nothing was great until you met eachother
you look like a cross between leo di caprio
and my younger brother
i'm sure you didn't think that much was gonna happen from this first occurrence
but many years later you'd get a dog and buy family insurance

she's so sweet and you're so nice
I wish I had you by my side
I like you together but not new York weath in the summer
in the summer

you were at a party and it was gettin' pretty late and you didn't know what to do
you saw a boy from across the room and you eyes stuck like glue
you danced with him and looked into his eyes and knew he was the one
you probably didn't think you were gonna buy a house
and have a daughter and two sons

she's so sweet and you're so nice
I wish I had you by my side
I like you together but not new York weath in the summer
in the summer
Track Name: fly on your wall
sometimes I wish I was a fly on your wall
but sometimes I wish I didn't see you at all
because you make me laugh
but you also make me cry and I never know what to say
because you're so cute and I wish we could be friends but we live so far away
Track Name: the angel
danny had left over lunch money in his pocket
he wanted to save it up for something nice
so he stuck it in his sock for safe keeping
then he saw her out of the corner of his eye x2

he jumped so high that the money fell out of his sock
he's never, ever ,ever done that before
you see this girl kinda looked quite like an angel, yeah
so he smiled at her and picked it up off the floor
he smiles at her and picked the money off the floor

he followed her all the way to the blood bank
and all of a sudden he got really scared
he'd do anything to get this girl's attention
then he walked right into the broken automatic door
he walked right into the automatic door

they sucked his blood
but it was all for a good cause
the nice thing he saved up for was this girl
you see this girl was the one he saw in his dreams... yeah
so he got up and searched for her some more
he got up and searched for her some more

he ran so fast he started to get really dizzy
his blood pressure was really really really low
he spotted her and said may I ask you a question
then he fainted in front of her on the floor
there was no blood in his arms anymore